Minnesota and much of the US finally receive some needed moisture

Minnesota has been in the grips of a couple of VERY pleasant and quiet months.  Temperatures near or slightly above average, sunshine on the daily, and the wonderful fall colors had no one complaining.  But the second half of October has been a little more active.  3 different storm systems pushing through the state and we have certainly lost that pleasant stretch of weather.  BUT we definitely needed the moisture.  Down nearly 3 inches of rainfall for September and October at one point, the moisture was welcomed to recharge the soil before it freezes for the long winters slumber.  Check out the precipitation totals for the month now and where that compares to average…

While much of the area has caught up, there are still parts of southeast and west central MN that need the moisture.

We certainly weren’t the only ones that needed the fall rains.  Parts of the south and much of the west continue to deal with exceedingly dry conditions.  Hurricane Patricia managed to squelch part of the southern US drought thankfully.  Check out the rainfall they have seen in just the last week and what that did to their drought…

Drought Monitor last week

Drought Monitor this week

Now there’s moisture finally flowing back into Washington and Oregon with some areas likely picking up over 8 inches of rain through the weekend.  That will likely have a similar effect on those areas as it did in the south.  As for us… more rain is on the way for late Friday and early Saturday, but it does look like it will escape the state just in time for Trick or Treating.

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