Vikings push to change name of Chicago Avenue near new stadium

- If you know downtown Minneapolis, you know Chicago Avenue runs right by the new Vikings stadium – and that's not sitting well with some fans. Now, there's a push to get Chicago Avenue renamed, or at least the stretch of it by U.S. Bank Stadium.

"Anything with the Bears or Chicago in it should go away from downtown Minneapolis,” Vikings fan Jim Siede, of Roseville, said.

With a big pricey stadium set to open along the stretch of road in just a few months, the Vikings have applied to have Chicago Avenue renamed. But not everyone agrees.

"It's got a history in this city and that's probably more important than something superficial like a sports team,” Shane Stevenson, of Eagan, said.

Their argument for the change? When you think Chicago, you think one of the Viking's biggest rivals – the Bears.

"It can stay Chicago Avenue as far as I'm concerned. I don't think of it as Chicago Bears Avenue,” Joe Jorgenson, Vikings World Order, said.

And if the "Vikings Guy" himself is saying that, then why should the team put in such an effort?

"The stadium is theirs, that whole area is theirs on Sundays, so why not just call it Vikings Way,” Siede said.

As the Vikings point out, the city did it for the new Twin's stadium in 2010. But still, some fans say they at least could have gotten a little more creative than Vikings Way.

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