Wind Whipped Weekend

- Another BIG storm is rolling through the Upper Midwest this weekend leading to some big changes in the world of temperature.  Another fall-like storm will make an appearance in Minnesota in August bringing with it plenty of wind, warm temperatures to start, followed by a pretty substantial cool down Sunday that will last for at least the first half of the workweek.  Winds are out of the south on Saturday drawing in a lot of warm juicy air with scattered strong storms likely to round out the day.  Here is the latest look at futurecast…

Storms likely to make it into the metro during the evening and dinner hour.  Ahead of that line though, stout southerly winds of 20 to 35 mph will be prevalent statewide.  Check out the forecast for Saturday afternoon.

The front goes through and winds switch quickly out of the northwest.  Unfortunately they don’t calm any, they just switch direction with another windy day expected on Sunday followed by a more “breezy” afternoon on Monday as the cool air continues to entrench itself.