We may be closer to fall temperatures than you think

- Many Minnesotans have been looking forward to a weekend like this; hot & sultry where you can spend an entire day at the lake without a care in the world.  Well, you’ve got your wish, but considering we are midway through August, it very well could be the last of the year.  While I’m not saying that hot & steamy conditions aren’t possible the rest of August and even September, we are beginning to run out of chances with fall right around the corner.

Take this weekend as the perfect example.  Here is the current picture showing warm air stretching all the way into Canada with 850mb temperatures (5000 feet above ground level) bubbling into the oranges and reds Saturday afternoon…

This type of a ridge is one of the more efficient ways to get temperatures into the 90’s and triple digits.  But by Sunday, the ridge begins to break down, allowing another storm system into the region with some cooler air pushing in behind it.

But it’s our system for the middle part of the week that has some “fall-like” components to it and could spell an almost cool couple of days.  Watch how the storm pushes through and pulls in those cooler blue temperatures straight out of central Canada.

While this air won’t be cold by any stretch of the imagination, it could be cooler than we are used to.  Combine with the possibility of widespread rain, and it could be a cool couple of days.  Check out POTENTIAL temperatures for the afternoons Tuesday through Thursday.