Twin Cities has second-warmest winter on record

- It shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone but the Twin Cities, and much of Minnesota for that matter, has just experienced one of the warmest winters on record.  Posting an average temperature of 24.2°, this will go down as the second warmest winter (December to February) on record for the Twin Cities metro, ending nearly 6 degrees above the average.  It all started with a record warm December… followed by a mild and dry January as well as a mild February.  Just look at the breakdown of daily average temperatures for the 3 months.

As I’m sure you’ve noticed, there is a lot of orange on these images.  With the exception of a few subzero days in January and a handful of coolish days in February, we were unbelievably warm.  But we weren’t alone.  Temperatures across the Upper Midwest and Great Lakes were all above average with record warm winters coming in for cities like Detroit, Saginaw MI, Cedar Rapids IA, Rhinelander WI, & Rockford IL.