Rare tropical cyclone enters Gulf of Aden

- Imagine getting 3 years’ worth of rain in just a couple of days.  That’s what folks are bracing for along the southern coast of Yemen.  The 2nd strongest tropical cyclone in history in the Arabian Sea is making an exceedingly unusual trek into the Gulf of Aden.

This category 3 tropical cyclone is packing winds up to 120 mph.  While that’s nowhere close to the monster 200 mph storms that we can get in the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans, it is one of the strongest in this part of the world.

The Arabian Sea has a pretty small window for tropical cyclones to develop with about a 6 to 8 week period in the spring and another similar timeframe in the fall, when mid and upper level winds relax enough for potential tropical cyclone development.  Many of these storms though stay out at sea with the occasional remnants coming on shore.  But every so often, they can make landfall, like Cyclone Gonu did in 2007.  It was the most intense Arabian Sea cyclone on record and made landfall in Oman, then pushed into Iran causing 4 billion dollars in damage and claiming more than 100 lives.