Parts of Minnesota get a one day 'heat wave'

- Only in Minnesota can you go from February to May in just 1 day.  We went from the 20s and 30s of Saturday (chills were even colder) to the 70s in some spots on Sunday.  But unfortunately, because of the way this clipper system moved through, not everyone got to enjoy a warm up.  With northerly winds, temperatures in the Iron Range were stuck in the 20s while the I-90 corridor basked in the mid-70s.  It is one of the most amazing phenomena you might ever see in Minnesota as the state experienced a 50°+ difference from southwest to northeast.  Even the metro saw a temperature spread of over 10 degrees as the northeast metro was parked in the upper 50s; the southwest metro was in the low 70s.  We all fall back on Monday with a cool and unsettled week ahead.