Most daylight of the year

- As we pass through the summer solstice we get to enjoy the most daylight we will see all year.  For MSP Airport, that’s about 15 hours and 26 minutes.  A crazy amount of time!  But the further north you go, the more daylight you get because of how the Northern Hemisphere is tilted toward the sun in our summer months.  That’s what gives us more sunshine and the heat that comes along with summertime.  But our state is so elongated that the maximum number of daylight hours actually varies by nearly an hour from north to south.  The I-90 corridor experiences about 15 and a quarter hours of daylight, but the International Border region actually gets more than 16 hours!  Now combine that with twilight, and this time of year, it is very difficult to find some time during the day when it is pitch black.

Twilight are the hours you can see daylight but the sun actually isn’t about the horizon.  We get that light for 2 reasons; 1 because the Earth’s atmosphere refracts light and can be seen from hundreds of miles away, and 2 because the suns “atmosphere” so to speak shines light just like the sun does and begins shining light in our direction before the globe actually appears above the horizon.  Total twilight varies from season to season, but this time of year is considered to be around 45 minutes before sunrise and after sunset.  So, that time included, the metro gets roughly 17 hours of light this time of year. Crazy!

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