Minneapolis student springs from duplex to rescue crash victims

Braylon Wheat calls it natural instinct. He heard the two-car crash on Olson Memorial Highway in Minneapolis early Tuesday evening and knew someone needed help. The 17-year-old Patrick Henry High School junior found a man and a woman struggling to get out of the upside down Nissan -- the man panicking while trapped between the center console and the front of the vehicle, trying to escape out the back.

"I saw the car. It was flipped over and it was smoking from the bottom," Wheat said. "I looked around. No one was reacting. So I'm going to keep running towards the car."

Emergency responders hadn't arrived yet, so Braylon reacted. He said he stepped back, kicked in the rear window and using all of his strength, yanked the guy out the back.

"I hate seeing people in situations like that. Predicaments like that. I just want to help the best I can. The best way I can do that is kicking window and helping him out," Braylon said.

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Not only was Braylon quick to react to the scene, he saw it from a second-floor duplex two doors down. He came running, and his athleticism and adrenaline took over in the heat of the moment.

"I literally jumped down my stairs, opened the door and ran toward the scene. Honestly, felt like a superhero for a moment," Braylon said.

He plays several sports at Patrick Henry, and is quarterback for the Patriots football team.

His story spread quickly on social media, and Braylon just hopes it helps destroy some of the stereotypes people might have about teens on the north side.

"They try to put that label on us, ‘gang banger,'" he said. "I believe I wouldn't be the only kid that would do that. At the moment, I was the only kid there. I just reacted. There are truly good kids on the north side."

Ultimately, a pedestrian may have been the most seriously injured. The Nissan struck her as it rolled while she was walking to the bus stop. She is in satisfactory condition, reportedly with a broken back. Braylon says he is praying for her.
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