Minneapolis dislikes bacon, but loves beets, and other tidbits from Zagat's dining survey

Compared to 16 of America's largest metros, Minneapolitans are over the whole "bacon on anything" thing, but we're fans of beets and Brussels spouts.

Or at least so says Zagat's latest Dining Trends Survey -- an annual snapshot of America's eating-out likes and dislikes.

Here are some interesting local tidbits from the survey:

-- Minneapolitans eat out the least

The survey says we eat out an average of 3.9 times per week, the least of any of the 17 cities included. Atlantans eat out the most -- six times a week.

-- But we're relatively big spenders when we do go out

An average dinner costs us $40.61 per person. That's the 5th-most on the list, only behind NYC, Boston, Miami, and San Francisco.

-- We're relatively fond of home-cookin'

"Only" 38 percent of a typical Minneapolitan's meals are eaten out or come to us in the form of takeout. That's the lowest percentage of any city in the study. The highest? New York City, where 56 percent of meals aren't home cooked.

-- Our biggest irritation when about eating out is noise

Twenty-six percent of Minneapolitans say noise is their biggest annoyance when eating out. That was followed by prices (22 percent), crowds (15 percent), and service (15 percent).

-- We're really critical about disengaged servers

Thirty-seven percent of Minneapolitans report that inattentive staff is their biggest pet peeve about eating out. That's the most of any city. Our second leading pet peeve is slow service (18 percent).

-- Our favorite cuisine is something called "American"

Twenty-five percent of Minneapolitans say "American" cuisine is their favorite -- that's the highest in that category of any city on the list. Clocking in second is French (?) with 20 percent, while seafood (caught fresh in Lake Superior?) is third at 19 percent.

-- On a related note, our palates aren't very adventurous

Zagat surveyed 10,727 people. Not a single one from Minneapolis considers Greek, Indian, or vegetarian cuisine their favorite (so perhaps the whole thing should be taken with a grain of salt).

-- We're big about checking out menus before trying new places

Ninety percent of Minneapolitans say they seek out menus before trying a new place -- the most of any city. Local diners also checked out the websites of new restaurants nearly three-quarters of the time before going there, which is also tops on the list.

-- Cash-only is a dealbreaker

Fifty-six percent of Minneapolitans say a restaurant's cash-only policy makes them less likely to go there, while 24 percent say they avoid restaurants of that sort. Both of those numbers are the highest of any city surveyed.

-- We're not big on stiffing places

-- Only one percent of Minneapolitans say they've "walked out without paying." That's the lowest percentage on the list (the highest belongs to Dallas, where nine percent of people have done that). Either we're lying, or that's an example of Minnesota Nice.

-- With regard to food trends, we like beets and Brussels sprouts

Forty-five percent of us "love" the trend of including beets with dishes (the most of any metro in the survey), while 51 percent Minneapolitans love the Brussels sprouts trend (who knew such a trend existed?).

-- On the flipside, we hate.... bacon?

Only 14 percent of Minneapolitans report loving the bacon-on-everything trend. That's by far the lowest of any metro -- the second most bacon-hating place is Seattle, where only 22 percent love bacon, while at the other end of the spectrum is Austin, where 49 percent love it.

-- We also hate kale

Only 18 percent of Minneapolitans report loving the kale-on-everything trend, which is again good enough for lowest on the list.

To read the full survey for yesterday, click here.

-- Image credit: jonathunder

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