Indian summer returns to Minnesota

- Now that we have entered the month of November, temperatures start to tumble… quickly.  Average high temperatures dip from around 50° to start the month to around the freeze mark to finish.  That makes November as the largest overall average temperature swing of any month of the year.  But that swing could be a whole lot further this year.  A ridge of high pressure is building across the Upper Midwest which is not only going to lead to rising temperatures, but could even break records.  Check out the ridge and the warm temperatures that build into the upper Midwest behind a warm front that surges northward into Canada through the middle of the week…

While numbers were seasonably mild over the weekend, many of us will climb back into the 60’s for an Indian Summer style few days.  But it will come crashing down eventually.  A cold front pushes through on Thursday and temperature could fall some 30 degrees in just a couple days as much colder Canadian style air moves in by Friday.

So just how warm will we get?  Well, the debate continues, but numbers are likely to be at least 15 degrees above average with some areas not only flirting with record highs, but flirting with record warm low temperatures as well.  Here is where some of the forecasting computer models sit now.  Remember that these are used as a base for forecasting temperature and NOT as a concrete fact going forward, therefore, your actual high temperatures will likely vary.