Grill pack recipe for the Fourth of July

- Christina Meyer-Jax, a registered dietician, stopped by to show how to make some tasty Fourth of July treats that are also good for the waistline.

Check out the recipe below:

Quick and Easy Cubano Americano Pack

Grill Pack Ingredients:
½ pound smoked ham
½ pound pulled pork (of sub pork tenderloin)
1 can S&W Cuban Recipe Black Beans with Onions, Peppers, and Cumin
2 cups cooked rice (I like to make it day before, then add cold to grill packs)

This is a great recipe to use with either leftovers, or pre-cooked ingredients.
1. Add Grill Pack ingredients to double layer foil packs. (you may want to pre-boil potatoes and corn for 10 minutes prior to packing)
2. Place on low-medium heat grill for 10 minutes until nice and hot
3. Option #1 add hot ingredients to sliced flat style bread (Cuban if you can find it), add condiments below, smear small amount of butter on outside of bread, wrap sandwich in foil and place on grill for another 10 minutes  or so, pressing down to flatten every 2 minutes of so. (Obviously wear oven mitts to do this. Safety, safety!)
4. Option #2 open foil pack and add choice of condiments below. Wrap back up and place on the grill another 3-5 minutes until melted goodness happens

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