Clouds likely to plague the region through the weekend

We have finally seen the change to more fall-like weather as September comes to a close, in large part thanks to the cutoff low that will likely plague the area with clouds over the next few days.  An area of low pressure and cold front moved across the region early this week, well now this low is cutoff from the jet stream, that steering current in the atmosphere, allowing it to meander about through early next week.

Confused?  Well, picture this.  Imagine the atmosphere as the Mississippi River and a storm system (area of low pressure) as a duck swimming along in the stream.  While the duck is in the river, he can maneuver anyway he wants, but with the strong current, he will still be pushed downstream.  Well, now picture this duck in a pond with no current.  That duck can swim anywhere he wants to and have complete control over his movements.  Well, a cutoff low works in a very similar way.  Without the atmosphere’s steering current, the low just goes wherever it wants.  It can be one of the hardest things to forecast because they are so unpredictable.  Well, it looks like our cutoff low may be meandering back toward Minnesota before departing eastward before the weekend is over.  This could bring some significant cloud cover along with it.

So here is the approximate path the low is expected to take…