Bring back spring!


***Warning! The following is full of heavily opinionated snarkyness from a cool weather lover about the current state of affairs of our “lovely” Minnesota seasons and how 1 suddenly disappeared (but really didn’t)***

Is it just me or did we experience 2 weeks of spring and jump right into summer?  Like seriously, it’s only been a month since the April blizzard of 2018, and it already feels like that happened last year.  Sure, we experienced nearly a week straight of “normal” 60s to finish out the month of April, but that was pretty much it for spring.  Since entering May, we have seen 5 days under 70 degrees (we average 17), and 3 days in the 80s (so far).  I remind you that the month of May is typically composed of mid to upper 60s to start, followed by a bunch  of low to mid 70s at the end.  We actually had the warmest first 10 days of May EVER in the Twin Cities.

Why the big swing? Well, I could tell you a bunch of sciencey things about the overall weather pattern over North America, dive into the jet stream at the upper levels of the atmosphere and how it ebbs and flows, overanalyze ocean currents, sea surface temperatures, and snow cover over Canada, but what’s the point? You don’t care!! Admit it, you’re just happy to be rid of the cold and snow. 

Fine, here you go heat lovers… your wish is coming true.  The forecast shows plenty of 80s, sunshine, humidity, bugs, sunburns and profuse sweating… AND IT’S ONLY MAY.  I guess it’s gonna be a miserable few months.  I’ll have to head to my deep dark dungeon until the middle of September when our first big cold front hits the state and highs return to the more comfortable 60s.

This is totally bogus.  Bring back my 50s and sunshine.  Bring back the cool rainy days that used to populate much of April and May.  That’s right, I’m talking about EVERY year before this one.  Bring back the days when you had to wear a jacket in the morning, and short sleeves in the afternoon, cause that’s what spring is all about.  Well, I guess not this year.

Minnesota: 5 months of winter, 4 months of summer, 6 weeks of fall, and 2 weeks of spring. LAME

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