Use your initials to find your Minnesota Halloween costume

- Ian Leonard is going to be a Lazy Honeycrisp Apple. Kelcey Carlson will be a Phantom Juicy Lucy. Use your initials to find your costume on our Minnesota Halloween Costume Matchmaker.

HOW IT WORKS: Take the first letter of your first name and match it to a Halloween-themed adjective, then take the first letter of your last name and match it to a Minnesota icon, ranging from athletes like Teddy Bridgewater, landmarks like Babe the Blue Ox, and food favorites like hot dish.

FIRST letter of your FIRST name...

A Psychic

B Evil

C Hairy

D Robot

E Sassy

F Zombie

G Giant

H Confused

I Lazy

J Distressed

K Phantom

L Boring

M Explosive

N Hipster

O Bloody

P Jazzy

Q Ghostly

R Excited

S Sexy

T Rancid

U Awkward

V Mad

W Crazy

X Loving

Y Scary

Z Depressed

...and FIRST latter of your LAST name

A Prince

B Target employee

C Juicy Lucy

D Karl Anthony Towns

E Snowflake

F Pillsbury Doughboy

G Charlie Brown

H Zach Parise

I Paul Bunyan

J Walleye

K Loon

L Honeycrisp Apple

M Hot Dish

N Spoonbridge & Cherry

O Land O'LAkes Maiden

P Dairy Queen Blizzard

Q Babe the Blue Ox

R Snoopy

S Bob Dylan

T Teddy Bridgewater

U Craft Brewer

V Goldy Gopher

W Al Franken

X Joe Mauer

Y Cheese Curds

Z PJ Fleck

Already have a Halloween costume? We would love to see it (especially kids and pets)! Message us on Facebook, tweet us @fox9 or email us at with your pics.

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