Why a 14-year-old Minneapolis biker is glad he wore his helmet

Thankfully, a 14-year-old Minneapolis boy listened to his mother when she told him to wear his bike helmet.

"I never really like putting my helmet on because I feel like I don't really need it. I am glad I put it on yesterday," Noah Lee said.

At 14 and averaging about 600 miles on his bike each year, Noah said one block from Sanford Middle School changed his perspective forever. A driver that might not have seen him cut him off and sent him flying. He swerved behind the vehicle and tried to miss the curb, but he didn't, and smashed into a tree. Traveling about 15 miles an hour, he slammed his head and knocked out some of his teeth. He'll need multiple root canals and up to 6 months to recover. However, he was cleared of concussion mainly because he was wearing a helmet.

"One of the things my dad used to say: There are two kinds of bikers, those who have crashed, and those who will, so be prepared and wear a helmet," his mom said.

Officers in the Minneapolis Police Bike Patrol unit see the same bad habits return every spring, and said drivers need to obey the 3-foot rule from bikers and cyclists need to remember to obey traffic laws on the roads, wear bright colors, have lights at night, and everyone needs to signal.

Helmet safety tips

-Helmets have a shelf life of about 5 years

-Helmets should always be replaced after any sort of significant impact

-Should have a snug fit and not be sliding

-Straps should come under ear lobes with a couple fingers of slack

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