WEATHER TIMELINE: Gusty winds and bitter cold follow Tuesday's snow

While Tuesday's snow won't be anything epic, we have seen what just a touch of snow can do to traffic statewide. But Tuesday's storm won't just be about the snow, it will be threefold.

First the snow will hit, tallying a couple to a few inches of snow area wide through about midday. But then the northwesterly winds will hit this fluff, and visibility will drop all over again with significant blowing and drifting snow expected, especially south and west of the metro where whiteout conditions are likely. Then the cold hits, with temperatures plummeting late Tuesday and early Wednesday. Combine the falling temps with the winds and wind chills will be back in the 15 to 30 below zero range by Wednesday morning.

We won't discuss overall totals here… the previous blog discusses why we may end up with variable amounts, but will talk about the cold and the winds.

The following two images show expected wind gusts for Tuesday morning around 9am, followed by Tuesday afternoon around 1pm.



It's very easy to pick up the leading edge of the cold front. In fact, if you are outdoors when it moves through your area, it will likely come with a HUGE gust of wind… followed by continued gusts up to 50mph in certain areas, right through the end of the day. So even if you don't think conditions are all that bad when you wake up and go to work, they may deteriorate further during the day because the winds will drastically increase, likely making it to the metro in the early afternoon.

Then comes the wicked cold. As temperatures drop, the wind chills plummet as well. Check out the forecast wind chills starting at 9am Tuesday morning and going right into 7am Wednesday morning.