Think twice before leaving kids with iPads in the car

Leaving your kids in the car while you run inside a store to grab something is something plenty of parents have done, especially as the kids get a bit older. This story might make you think twice next time.

Ten-year-old Tristan and his 9-year-old brother Alex are still very frightened by what happened in the Apple Valley Target parking lot around 8:30 p.m. Saturday night. Sherri and her kids made a quick run, parked in the very front row, she locked the doors and ran inside while the boys waited in the van playing on their iPads, when all of a sudden, a man with black gloves apparently tried to get inside, banging his first on the windows and attempting to smash the locks. Tristan said the man opened the cover to the gas tank and even peered underneath the van, possibly looking for a spare key.

With no luck getting in, he left, right as Sherri returned to the van.

"I opened up the trunk and then Tristan turned around and he's like mom, get in get in the car, somebody's out there," she said. She called police as she tried to calm her terrified children.

Police aren't sure what the man wanted -- to steal the van, to steal the iPads, or Sherri fears, the kids. What Sherri does know, is no matter how old her kids are, she won't leave them alone in the car again.

UPDATE: Police reviewed the video and are most certain the man simply went to the wrong van before finding his own, which was parked next to the boys' van.

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