Stillwater police add staff after Booty Cruise docks

Rain or shine, the ladies are dressed to the nines, waiting in long lines eager to board KDWB’s annual Booty Cruise. The party boat takes off from downtown Stillwater and navigates the St. Croix River for over 3 hours, scantily clad male dancers and lots of booze in tow.

It’s evening exclusively for women, and the tickets are free through promotions. There are 3 outings like this during the summer, organized by the radio station, but the first outing in June apparently turned into a headache for Stillwater police.

“They’re over-consuming alcoholic beverages and then they usually end up fighting over some male stripper who probably wouldn't care about them when the night's over anyhow,” Sgt. Jeff Stender said.

Sgt. Stender says most of the incidents happened after 10 p.m. when the boat docked and everyone headed home.  Police got calls for one woman pounding on a stranger’s house, another harassing some fishermen at 3 a.m., and several women drunk dialing 911, and all of them had admitted to being on the Booty Cruise.

“We don't want to get back to the days where we're going down for women being assaulted with beer bottles,” Sgt. Stender said.

Concerns also exist over violence being glorified on these cruises. Video emerged from a fight between two women on the boat last year and was posted on KDWB’s website. No one from the station returned calls for comment. 

“I don't know what the radio station's intentions were, clearly it's in bad taste,” Sgt. Stender said.

He added most of the outings in recent years have been drama-free after the radio station started inviting fewer women on board, but after all the 911 calls last month,  he's adding more patrols to the area after these events just in case.

If more incidents happen, police plan on contacting KDWB management to come up with a better safety solution.   

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