SPRING FEVER: Closing in on records in Minneapolis

Another beautiful day is expected across much of the region as our warm and dry stretch of weather continues to get even better. Temperatures are likely to rise a few more degrees from Monday's highs with 60's expected across much of southern and central Minnesota Tuesday with 50's and 40's likely for the north where there is still some deeper snow pack. We are VERY warm for this time of year, but we are likely still going to be a few degrees shy of records in the metro. Here is a look at the record highs for MSP airport over the next week… you will notice a commonality amongst the years.


Yes, just 3 years ago, we had that unbelievable stretch of weather in March when St. Patrick's Day hit 80 degrees. Most of our records for the next week came from that year with numbers in the 60's and 70's. And while we are expected well above average highs, I don't think we will quite make it to records, unless something drastic and unforeseen happens. That being said, some cities across the state will likely hit some records, starting today with St. Cloud and Alexandria with current forecasts coming in 2 or 3 degrees beyond record highs for the date.

I'd say our best shot to break records will be today and Thursday. Here is a look at possible temps for Tuesday and Thursday afternoon according to 1 of the many forecasting computer models.