Minnesota man featured in new terrorist recruiting video

Another young man from Minnesota may have become a suicide bomber in Somalia. The Al Qaeda affiliate terror group Al Shabaab has produced yet another slick video with a frightening message.

The propaganda video is the kind that has led dozens from Minnesota, and thousands around the world, to join jihad. The man from Minnesota featured in the video is not someone who is previously known to have traveled to Somalia, and the FBI told Fox 9 News they cannot confirm his death, and we are unable to independently verify any of the facts.

'The whole thing is about encouraging suicide bombers'

The latest recruiting video from Al Shabaab is a tribute to their martyrs and features a man who is said to be from Minneapolis, and goes by the name Ibrahim Mohamed.

Abdi Bihi is a community organizer and the first speak out about jihadist recruiting six years ago. He translated the video for us, and even he was shocked by its message.

"Wow. The whole thing is about encouraging suicide bombers," he said.

‘The caliphate will reach everywhere'

Ibrahim Mohamed allegedly blew himself up last May outside the parliament building in Mogadishu. Al Shabaab had someone capturing the chaos from the inside.

His death, first reported on Twitter by a known jihadist, Mujahid Miski, who's been identified by federal prosecutors as Mohamed Abdullahi Hassan, left Minneapolis for Somalia in 2008.

It was Miski, federal prosecutors say, who recently encouraged two Minnesota men, including Abdi Nur, to fly to Syria to fight for ISIS. Miski's Twitter account has been taken down a dozen times, but Fox 9 conversed with Miski few weeks ago, via direct messages. He said "the caliphate will reach everywhere insha'Allah. Even the house of filth," he said, referring to the White House.

When asked if Al Shabaab planned suicide bombings in the U.S., he said, "I cannot comment."

It starts close to home

Bihi believes the lines have blurred between jihadist groups. They're all franchise operations to central ideology, and while social media is key, he says it starts much closer to home.

"It's not really the beginning stage," he said. "Someone has to be here on the ground, to take him by the hand and validate the young man's anger."

The man in the video, Ibrahim Mohamed, is not someone we've previously known about, at least not by that name.

An effort to stop it

Next month, the U.S. Attorney in Minnesota, Andy Luger, plans to unveil a pilot program at the White House to stop jihadist recruiting in Minnesota and other cities by going after its root causes.
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