Letter from Marty Davis

From: Marty Davis
Sent: Wednesday, May 6, 2015 2:00 PM
To: Roseen, Brian, SCAMEC Chairman Subject: Sun Country Pilot discussions


I read your response to Jim Ward's email yesterday.

As we discussed directly with all, this negotiation process has been active for 5 years, and is now near an end. The company committed to an effort leading to this point, making its last, best offer to the pilots, and the pilots then needing to make their final decision in that regard. We came to the pilots with summit meetings in early January 2015. We listened to their views and communicated our various position's, in particular, a commitment to analyze the company's financial wherewithal, past and present, and then put forth our best final offer. This offer, discussed multiple times, was based on our assessment of the company's financial circumstances and viability going forward. This representation was furthered in a letter sent to Dennis Vanetta on March 1, 2015(attached herein), which covered not only this but other material matters. We again continued in these efforts at our meeting on April 8, 2015 with ALPA representatives et al, wherein we submitted this presentation, clearly, again communicating this as our last best offer.

We asked you to take this presentation to the members and have a vote. You chose to communicate, rather vaguely, to your membership. We then sent the presentation's information to them directly.

We have heard nothing for one month.

Now you have communicated to Mr. Ward, only in response to his email, your position. You have represented that our final offer, which was the result of 5 years of negotiation, months of intense financial analysis by the owner/management, multiple internal owner/management meetings, and a multitude of collaborative discussions that determined our last best proposal, that it is, in your words, "wholly inadequate"…..

Our proposal was represented as our last and best offer, and it is!

It was further stated directly to you that our offer is a "stretch" for the company financially , but that we were willing to do so in spite of the quite concerning risk to the company's financial future.

I'm not so sure there is reason for any further meetings. If the National Mediation Board requires further meetings, we will certainly honor their request, but our position is not going to change.

We presented you with our final offer, and you have now communicated to us that it is "wholly inadequate"…..Enough said!

Now we will move on, and we can do so knowing we were forthright, honest, and transparent in our efforts.

One final mention, I find it disturbing that your representatives are willing to communicate the statement that "we have not had a raise in 5 years". How does anyone in good conscience communicate such information….it is simply a false and very misleading narrative, and probably has all

the tenets as to why this process has ended in such failure. I must admit I find it so disingenuous when I hear that statement from a pilot or read a quote from a pilot with that representation.

The facts; Sun Country pilots pay increased roughly $450,000 from 2014 to 2015, solely as a result of individual hourly rate INCREASES that are in place today.

Brian, our management team has begun the process of downsizing the airline, for what will need to be its ultimate shut down……

We do not feel any ill will towards the pilots, it is, and happened, as we said it should on many occasions; we made our final offer, you decided the pilots cannot accept it. The one caveat, we do feel we should have worked together to bring these realities to the pilots, allowing the pilot membership to vote, but that is your decision.



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