Chicago comes near Twin Cities' season snow total in one storm

The massive storm that narrowly misses most of the state has dropped more than 19 inches of snow on the windy city and becomes the 5th largest snow storm in city history. Even more impressive is comparing this number to the season snow stats in Minnesota. While the Arrowhead of Minnesota has seen a pretty normal season so far, the rest of the state has been pretty lackluster in the snow category this year. In fact, this 30 hour storm nearly surpassed the season total for snowfall in the metro so far as we sit at just over 20" since October.


While the season for much of the country had been pretty lackluster, back to back storms have dumped more than a foot of snow in many cities from Nebraska to New England. Check out the snowfall over the last couple of days.


This has tripled some areas season totals and now most cities along I-80 have seen more snow than the Metro… all of the following cities average totals are lower than us by this point into the season.