10 perimeter breaches at Minneapolis airport since 2004

Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport has had 10 perimeter breaches in the past decade, according to an Associated Press investigation that revealed 268 breaches at U.S. airports since 2004.

Most recently, surveillance video captured a man jumping over the fence at MSP Airport and making his way to the tarmac. That incident was not included in the breach count.

None of the 268 incidents involved a terrorist plot, according to airport officials. Most of the cases involved people who were lost, intoxicated or mentally unstable. A few included people mistakenly driving or walking into unauthorized areas, and also a couple who admitted they were trying to find short cuts to get to the Mall of America. Another breach included a mentally teen running onto the tarmac because he thought he was being chased. Half of them, including the most recent breach in 2012, involve military personnel on the shared airfield wandering into restricted areas.

FULL INVESTIGATION - Several hundred perimeter breaches at major US airports since 2004

Fox 9's Tom Lyden has been tracking security at the airport and has reported on several incidents, including the now infamous "Serial Stowaway" and a French traveler who simply went outside to have a smoke and walked back in.

Insider threats
Lyden's investigation on insider threats at the airport revealed three airport workers who eventually left to fight for terror groups ISIS and Al Shabaab. Two of the men had security clearance and two eventually became suicide bombers overseas.

9-year-old hops flight to Vegas

In October 2013, a 9-year-old boy made it through security, boarded a plane at MSP and flew to Las Vegas. The boy was apparently meeting someone he had met online and has somewhat of a troublemaker past, and a Child in Need of Protection or Services (CHIPS) petition was filed in Hennepin County Juvenile Court.

2 walk past TSA agent, board plane

Last September, a man and a woman were able to slip right past a TSA agent who is tasked with making sure those who exit Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport do not come back in. They were en route to Minot, N.D.

Metal detector left unattended

In October 2014, Fox 9 News confirmed three passengers who arrived on a Delta flight from Tokyo "walked through an unattended W.T.M.D." The TSA agent had apparently left his post at checkpoint 7 inside Concourse G, where international travelers arrive for connecting flights. Two of those passengers were pulled back, but the third made it past security and all the way to the other side of the airport before they were detained and screened again.

French passenger grabs a smoke

Later in October 2014, a French passenger aboard Delta flight 170 arriving from Paris went through customs, left through checkpoint 7 at the south end of baggage claim, and had a smoke outside. Then, he walked right back through the exit when someone came out. It's the only public exit without a TSA agent.

Checkpoint 7: The unguarded exit at MSP Airport


This February, a UPS employee who spotted a man in a dark hoodie trying to jump over a fence. Sources told Fox 9 Kevin Jay Bruce Sr. couldn't be found for about 5 minutes. Bruce, 44, was walking up a ramp near Terminal 2 without a security badge, and once spotted, was promptly escorted to a break room where airport police came to arrest him.

'Serial Stowaway'
Marilyn Hartman, the woman notorious for hopping on flights across the country, has had quite a history of trespassing at Minneapolis-St.Paul International Airport. At times, just to find a warm place to sleep. On Jan. 9, she attempted to get through a security checkpoint without a boarding pass. After a TSA agent turned her away, airport police found her 90 minutes later upstairs on the mezzanine level, sleeping in a chair.
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