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Sounds like a new show, “Ted Haller, Attorney at Law”, but it’s a fact. FOX 9 reporter Ted Haller is a licensed attorney in the state of Minnesota. As much as he loves the law, Ted always wanted to be a television news reporter. Here at FOX 9, he gets to do both. He’s our go-to guy on big legal issue stories…you see him do those and a lot more weeknights on FOX 9 News. Oh, and his love of Bruce Springsteen (see below) can be summed up in his own words: “Some would say I’m a crazy Bruce Springsteen fan. I would say people who are not fans are the crazy ones.”


9 Questions for Ted:

What’s your favorite movie?

Stand By Me. I’m a sucker for coming of age movies.

What’s your favorite junk/cheat food?

Sour Patch Kids, although I consider them neither junk nor cheat food, and am convinced they offer tremendous nutritional benefits.

What was your first job?

I delivered newspapers when I was in elementary school – a very early start to my journalism career!

What’s your favorite Minnesota season?

That’s a tough question because I love the constant changing of the seasons that makes Minnesotans so good at living in the moment and in touch with nature. I love the giddy excitement for summer that comes in the spring, the continuous warship of the sun in the summer, and the colorful surroundings in the fall (but not the dread of the cold around the corner). Notice I did leave one season out of this answer.

Hardest story you’ve covered OR favorite story:

It’s hard to pick a single story out, but I particularly enjoy taking complicated issues and finding creative ways to explain them. In another life, I would love to teach so it’s always fun teaching through the television screen.

Who is your personal hero?

Bruce Springsteen. I think Bruce is one of the greatest writers and storytellers of all time. And since I write for broadcast, meaning I write for the ear (rather than the eye), I constantly look to Springsteen’s lyrics to teach me how to better convey the complexities of human emotion and history through as few words as possible. In TV news, we don’t often get more than a couple minutes to tell a story, which can seem impossible for a complex story. But whenever that feels daunting, I remember how Springsteen can tell a novel’s worth of ideas in just a few minutes. Springsteen may have the power of music to add emotion to his stories, but I have the power of the voices of the people I interview.

Do you sing in the shower, in the car, or none of the above?

All of the above.

First pet and name OR Current pet and name

Bruce is my rescue mutt who I try to get on TV at every opportunity. Not only is he The Boss in my house, but he’s named after Springsteen.

When I was little, I wanted to grow up to be:

A TV reporter! True story.

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