Dawn Stevens

When you wake up with FOX 9 in the Morning, you see Dawn bright and early. She anchors the 4:30am-6am news, and reports after that on the big stories of the day. Dawn is the daughter of an Air Force Major, but she says she was lucky enough to grow up mostly in the Midwest. She and her hubby have two young kids, a boy and a girl, which Dawn says gives her the perfect balance. Dawn has travelled and worked on both coasts, and although she’s not the biggest fan of our cold winters (right, Dawn?) she says nothing compares to the Midwest. And who knew she was such a good poker player?


9 Questions for Dawn:

What’s your favorite movie?

Sex in the City.

What’s your favorite junk/cheat food?

Pizza, with everything (except anchovies).

What was your first job?

I flipped burgers at Wendy’s. It was the only place that hired 15 year olds at the time.

What’s your favorite Minnesota season?

Summer.  My husband and I love to fish on our boat (and relax around beautiful scenery)

Favorite story you’ve covered:

A young girl who had a rare disease got life through new technology at the time: A Hyperbaric chamber.  Her mom then opened a facility in Madison to help others.

Who is your personal hero?

I look up to both my parents who are wonderful examples of how to live my life.

Do you sing in the shower, in the car, or none of the above?

I sing EVERYWHERE! Ask anyone on the Fox 9 Morning News.  I’m the singer in the group.  It runs in the family.  I don’t sing well, but I sing with passion.

When I was little, I wanted to grow up to be:

I thought I was going to be a veterinarian.  Then I got a job at a pet shop and on the first day I was asked to clean out a dog’s…personal areas, I quit. J

Best vacation of all time?

My honeymoon.  We went to Aruba for 5 days and I was able to sneak in some Texas Hold ‘em tournaments and won 1st place (and a good amount of cash)

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